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Cow Clip-Art

We review each site listed and give it our own rating based on what we see when we add it. In order to be listed here, there needs to be some "considerable" quantity of images available. We won't list a site with 5 images. We'll also mark the site (or not list it at all) if there's a lot of popups or other annoyances.

Site Comment Cost Quality*
Clipart @ amazing cows Low quality drawings, with free trial offer for more access to others. free trial Low
cow@microsoft's clipart Low Quality drawings free Low
Clip Art Heaven Low quality free Low
ArtVex Some of the drawings are "alright" but some are just cheezy. $ Low-To-Medium Medium quality drawings.   Medium
Clip Art Guide   $ Medium
Cows @ fotosearch This is a photo distribution company. They sell rights managed and royalty free photos (i.e. they're not free, but you don't have to pay royalties to the owner of the image) $ Medium-to-high
Photos Professional and high quality, photos and drawings. $ High
Photodisc/Getty Images Photodisc has images you see used all over the place in commercial applications.Amaing quality, but at a cost. $ High
Google Photos You get what you pay for. It's all over the map here. free Varies (community posted images)
Yahoo/Flickr Lots of pictures, but hard to browse. Not necessarily categorized correctly/what you expect. free Varies (community posted images)
Webshots I like webshots. Webshots is a photo-sharing service like flikr (and dozens others). You can download photos or make custom things like magnets from photos. If you have the webshots application on your computer, it will even rotate desktop backgrounds and use photos as screensavers. They also have "pro" photos (although only 2 with cows in them) Free and $ Varies (community posted images)

Quality Key:

Rating Photos Drawing
High High Resolution (200 dpi or higher) and High Quality (nicely taken photos, good composition, etc) almost always professional photography and not free. Professionally drawn artwork or digital renditions of a wood carving or other art. Clean lines, good composition. Usually not free.
Medium Medium resolution (72-150 dpi). suitable for displaying on web pages and possibly making prints. Stuff you'd see on a "pretty good" clip-art CD-ROM. Suitable for web page usage. Lines are not-so-jagged and compositionis "ok".
Low Low resolution. Most likely stolen from another web site. Stuff you'd see on a discount typical clip-art CD-ROM. Nothing you'd consider paying for. Lines are jagged, colors are weird.


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